CrossFit Helmond WOD100117

CrossFit Helmond WOD100117 – Team WOD

For Time 100 Push-ups, 100 Squats, 50 Calorie Row – vrij indelen, 1 atleet mag werken

(rep count is per atleet dus team van 3 is 300 pushups, 300 squats, 150 calorie row, vrij in te delen)


The push-up, long a favorite among junior high school P.E. teachers and Marine Corps drill instructors, is for many, more closely associated with punishment than anything else. Though common to group exercise programs, its use in serious strength and conditioning regimens is infrequent. These days, the push-up, like the jumping jack, tends to be relegated to outdoor programs where the number of exercisers and lack of equipment make it a staple due to necessity.

In an earlier time the push-up was largely regarded as a measure of a man’s strength and fitness. In more modern times much of this reputation has been passed on to the bench press, but the push-up’s passing misses the great opportunity to master a gateway movement to one of the most developmental progressions in all of fitness.

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