CFH Events

imageCFH Events is our functional fitness event branch. Our events make you stronger and strong people are harder to kill. Currently we run two major events: the HTD series and the 24-HOUR AMRAP Challenge.

The quarterly CrossFit tournament series called the “Hellmond Throwdown” kicked off in januari 2015: 1 year, 4 tournaments with 3 on-site qualifier WODs and 3 head-to-head finals WODs. 4 tournament winners, 1 season champion. In 2016 we’re going to step it up a notch with an all new and improved HTD2016 series: like the 2015 edition, 1 tournament every 3 months but with 3 online qualifier WODs athletes can do in their own box and 3 on-site head-to-head tournaments at CrossFit Helmond, in 3 divisions. Teens (under 18), Scaled and Elite. Can you perform, stay fit, and stay prepared, all year long? Click below for HTD2015 and HTD2016.

The 24-HOUR AMRAP Challenge is an annual event, held in December. It’s an online 6-man team event, an AMRAP WOD that lasts 24 hours. That’s 24 one hour, back-to-back AMRAP sessions, performed with a 6-man team. How tough are you, and for how long? Click below for more details. 

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